Autism is a condition where 1 every 59 children in the United States is diagnosed with, and it is 4 times more likely in boys than in girls. Autism is also known as ASD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Why is it called spectrum? Because every person with autism is different, just like no human being is identical to another one. Every person with autism has its own unique way of experiencing life!

A person could be diagnosed with autism as early as 6 to 12 months. However, most professionals who specialize in diagnosing won't attempt to make a definite diagnosis until 18 months.

ASD can delay a person’s social, communicative, motor and/or cognitive skills. Other possible symptoms for autism include:repetitive behaviors, unresponsiveness, and lack of eye contact. It is important to remember that not all individuals with autism will experience all the symptoms listed.

Living with autism might not be easy for that person, or for their family/caregivers, but discovering the world of autism can teach us many beautiful life lessons. Individuals with autism remind us about the importance of unconditional love, patience, acceptance, and appreciating the little things.

It’s all about perspective. You can say autism is something that makes a person “disabled,” or you can say it is a condition that makes a person, and everyone around them, much more sensitive, loving, and accepting to others. We can learn so many things from these individuals if we open our eyes to see it!

Being unique is a beautiful thing!