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autism & music


We are a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization with the mission of spreading autism awareness through music-interaction activities.

We strive to build a more inclusive and accepting society by hosting music, art, and sports activities for individuals with all abilities.


INCLUSIVE activities and in-home classes

AUTISM & MUSIC hosts inclusive events called «AnM Hangouts» which are family-friendly activities that involve music and art.

AnM also offers in-home music and art classes for individuals of all ages and abilities!

Want to host an AnM Hangout at your business? We can do that too! 

TEDTalk about Autism&Music’s story


Our Story

Autism&Music started in Miami, FL in 2013 when Patricia Kayser, AnM Founder, discovered a strong connection between music and her youngest brother Christian, who has autism. She soon realized that her mission in life was to help people like her brother through music! Click the video to watch her TED Talk and learn more about this inspirational story.


Our Story

Autism&Music was founded in Miami, FL in 2013 when Patricia Kayser discovered a strong connection between music and her brother Christian, who has autism. She had never seen him so interested in any other activity or game, which motivated her to keep learning about music so she can share more time with her brother. Soon she noticed that Christian’s social, motor, and cognitive skills were improving as he spent more time interacting with instruments and new sounds. Click the video to learn more about this interesting and inspirational story.

TEDTalk about Autism&Music’s story

United States AUTISM FACTS


million people living with Autism

  • 40% are non verbal 40% 40%
  • 75% men to women 75% 75%



1 EVERY 36

children are diagnosed with Autism



Yvette Casal Blanco

I attended an event this past weekend at Cool de Sack; What an experience! They are all inclusive regardless of where on the spectrum the child was. They really made every attempt to make sure everyone was part of the event but more importantly I believe they made everyone feel special. Kudos to all involved in this great organization!

Ruben Coello

This is a great effort to generate awareness and their volunteer work is making a big impact in so many people’s life, THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!

Vanessa Durán

making a difference in the world – you will love this. Come and join the fun! Thank you AnM for making a more inclusive and happy place for ALL.



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