My Golden Brother: The Art of Autism by Patricia Kayser  (Book Review)


AnM (Autism And Music) Founder Patricia Kayser just published her first book called “My Golden Brother – The Art of Autism” to share with the world how her brother Christian, who has autism, changed her life in a very powerful and sweet way. Specifically, she shares with the readers how it feels to be the sister of a person with autism, and the importance of how a positive attitude can really make an impact in life. Unquestionably, this book strives to bring light especially to those new autism parents and relatives who are researching information about autism for the first time. So that they can find an inspiring story that will allow them to see autism from another perspective, with much more colors. Kayser then mentions how she founded the non-profit organization Autism And Music, and what the mission and vision of the organization is. She further talks about what are the most meaningful lessons that she has learned by being Christian’s sister and how that has helped her find her inner self.  At the end of the book, she listed a few ways of how the readers can take action and become more kind and inclusive in their daily lives. 

This book is recommended for autism parents, siblings, relatives, therapists, teachers, and all humans who want to learn about how to become more connected and inclusive with others and with themselves. 




«Seeing the gold in another human being is one of the most rewarding gifts there can be. In this book you will learn to see the gold in others through empathy. This beautiful story shows love, compassion, and commitment at its best.The resilience, determination, and solid values ​​that this family had at different times in this story, are key to the coexistence of humanity today and in the near future.

Men and women must be aware and prepared to know how to handle different types of situations if their children are diagnosed with autism, especially because of the misinformation that still exists.May this book serve to nourish you with love and encourage some advice for you to apply on a daily basis. Remember to try to smile at anyone who crosses your path.

We can never know what their story is, but we could give them a reason to smile.

25% of the income generated from this book is donated to the Autism And Music (AnM).

“It is time to change the way we see people with autism. It is time to respect, understand, and find ways to include them into our society. WE ARE ONE.” – Patricia Kayser TedXFIU 2017

Link to purchase the book “My Golden Brother”:

Patricia Kayser practicing music activities with a participant with autism at an AnM Hangout event from Autism And Music