Music has the power to heal any of us. And this is also true for individuals living with autism. Music is a great tool used in autism therapy especially because it can stimulate both brain hemispheres, rather than just one. This means that music activities like playing an instrument can support a person’s cognitive activity as well as improve communication and socialization. Music encourages communicative behavior and can encourage interaction with others, which is something that autistic children have great difficulty with. For children dealing with autism, interacting with others can be difficult, but through introducing an instrument to their therapy, they may bond first with the object and then open up to others interacting with their instruments as well.

Benefits of music therapy for individuals with autism include:

  • Promotes socialization and communication
  • Motivates learning and improves self-esteem
  • Sharpens all the senses
  • Activates the brain cells
  • Stimulates motor and cognitive coordination
  • Fosters relationships with others
  • Reduces anxiety