Activities organized by the Autism and Music Foundation are led to the rhythm of guitars, drums and maracas.

For the past three years, this foundation has provided recreational spaces in South Florida for the enjoyment of children and adults with autism and other disabilities. Autism and Music Foundation events can be described as energetic and involving lots of music. They’re also usually held outdoors so that the children, who attend them, can be in close contact with nature.

“Our mission is to help improve the quality of life of people with autism through their interaction with music,” said Patricia Kayser, founder of Autism & Music, who added that the activities imply a lot more than just recreation.

“Through music we practice exercises involving patience, socialization, of [taking] turns. It’s like a game.”

Despite the fact that music is the main driving force of the foundation’s activities, youths who benefit from the foundation’s work also have access to a space where they can play soccer or golf, or where they can paint. Activities are run in small groups to ensure a personalized environment.

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