There is no doubt that things happen in the moment that they need to happen.

It was August of 2015, and I was just thinking about how I could start spreading autism awareness by giving short motivational speeches. And, that same week, my college professor asked us to go to a public speaking activity, if we wanted extra credit for his class. I thought this would be a great idea to begin practicing. So I went, and was able to give a quick speech about how my brother Chris, who has autism, has changed my life. It was a short but amazing experience, and it made me realize that my story can motivate and inspire others.

To my surprise, the people who organized that activity, were the same people who organize TEDxFIU. A few days later, they contacted me and asked me to try out for the actual TED. I was shocked and nervous but I applied. And the next thing I know, I was preparing my speech to give my first TED TALK. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, but at the same time, I had visualized this moment many times. So there it was!

I wanted to include Chris in my speech, because he is the complete reason why all these was happening. Since he loves music, I decided to write another song for him, so that I could play it at the end of my speech with him accompanying me on the stage. The song I wrote for him is called “I Am Your Voice”, and it describes how I feel for him.

The day was finally here, and I felt prepared and exciting. My family and my best friends were there to support me. Chris was also ready, and the crowd was waiting. We were the final act of the night. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I was already standing in front of everybody. I was nervous, but something bigger than that accompanied me. It was Chris, and my desire to talk about his autism in a positive and motivational way.

I did it!!! Everything went brilliant! I was prepared and motivated. The most beautiful moment was when my brother Werni brought my brother Chris to the stage at the end of my speech. The song came out great, and even the crowd helped me sing the chorus. There was a reception after the speeches, where I got gratifying feedback.  Chris was also able to share his good vibes with everyone.

Since that day, I am certain that I was brought to this world to share my experience to motivate others. I am thankful to have listened to my intuition even though I was scared. Now I am preparing for all the new opportunities that will continue to come. I am so blessed and happy to have found my path in life. Thank you my lovely Chris!

Link to Watch FULL Ted Talk: